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Helping organisations develop and execute evidence-based future-oriented business strategies for growth and success.



Strategies not based on evidence are just wishful thinking. Evidence-based strategies are more likely to succeed and more likely to win support.


The future will be different from the past. What worked in the past probably won't be good enough in the future.


Chris C Fox Consulting works with leadership teams to develop and execute evidence-based future-oriented business strategies for growth and success.


We can help you to:

  • Analyse your strategic environment, competitive future, and relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop and evaluate options.
  • Formulate your strategy.
  • Articulate your strategy.
  • Review your strategy.
  • Execute your strategy.
  • Design your Target Operating Model (TOM).
  • Design and implement your strategic planning process.
  • Manage part of your business on an interim basis. Especially if it's undergoing significant strategic change.
  • Facilitate your strategy offsite.
  • Coach your strategy team.


We have particular expertise in:

  • Financial services: life insurance, pensions, banking and asset management
  • Programme management and direction
  • Startups, new market entry, growth, turnarounds, target operating model development and mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate, business and marketing strategy
  • Intermediated (B2B2C) and direct (D2C) distribution
  • Digital transformation
  • Product strategy and product management
  • Working across disciplines and silos to connect the dots and build holistic solutions

Strategy Development and Execution

For growth, turnaround or in response to specific environmental changes.

Target Operating Model (TOM) Development

Pursuant to strategy execution, for operational effectiveness, or for cost control.

Digital Transformation

For startups or mature business, D2C, B2B2C or B2B.

All underpinned by: excellent stakeholder management, commercial acumen, and client focus.

The Advantage is the online collaborative tool for business strategy development and execution. It was purpose-built by Chris C Fox Consulting. delivers business strategy development and execution best practice in box.

Chris uses to develop and execute business strategies:

  • of a higher quality,
  • more quickly, and
  • more consistently.

Clients can engage with, if they wish,

  • to work more closely with Chris,
  • to improve their own internal capability,
  • and to continue evolving and executing their strategy so that they are less reliant on Chris on an ongoing basis.

Training is also available.

RPMI continues to use StratNavapp - an application ... that helps organisations develop and execute strategy on a collaborative basis. This software makes my life infinitely easier, as it enables RPMI to analyse the key internal and external trends and develop these insights into actionable strategies on an ongoing basis.

Matthew Hall, Director of Strategy at RPMI Railpen


Founder and principal, Chris Fox, is passionate about strategy. He believes organisations best achieve their potential by charting their own path through their competitive environment. Bland, me-too strategies achieve mediocre results. Successfully differentiated strategies are the result of the systemic analysis of each organisation's unique strengths and weaknesses, and of the changes and trends which present it with both challenges and opportunities.

Chris has over 31 years of experience, mainly in the financial services sector. He has worked with a wide variety of leadership teams from FTSE100 boards to small startup teams. He has worked on a wide range of strategic initiatives from multi-national hostile takeovers, to regulatory responses and to organic growth strategies such as turnarounds, new product and new business launches.

Chris works around London but enjoys travelling for interesting challenges.


Chris does his best work when confronted with complex, changing, ambiguous problems and conflicting priorities. He combines structured analysis and problem-solving with strong stakeholder engagement to develop creative strategies that teams really get behind. He is comfortable working across multiple disciplines (Actuarial, Finance, HR, Risk and Compliance, IT, Sales and Marketing, etc.). This often enables him to see more holistic strategies that the existing functional experts with an organisation miss. As an independent outsider, Chris brings an objective view to his clients. He is unencumbered by the legacy issues, internal politics and day-to-day challenges which often prevent leadership teams from focusing on their strategic priorities.

Chris is driven by curiosity and a passion for progress. He values rigour in analysis, discipline in execution, and mutual respect and integrity in relationships. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the detail. Equally, he is not afraid to ask challenging questions and have difficult conversations.

Most importantly, Chris enjoys what he does. And he believes that this evident enjoyment makes it easier for others to see possibilities and embrace change.


Here is how clients have described Chris and the work he has done for them.

Chris added huge value to RPMI in developing its strategy. He is a seasoned independent strategy consultant who brought great process skills as well as expertise to the firm at a key point in its development.... Chris is a very practical strategist: development of strategy is a process, grounded in analysis, and its outputs are actionable.

Paul Nathan, Managing Director, Strategic Development at RPMI

We’ve used Chris on two very different market opportunity reviews ... Each time his deliverables and engagement have been excellent. His methodical approach starting with a nuts and bolts review of the underlying opportunity and then gradually building out data sets on attractive and interesting elements ... creates compelling and robust recommendations. A pleasure to work with and would do so again tomorrow.

Gary Thrower, HUB Group Commercial Director at Just plc

The proof of his effectiveness was that the strategy was well received by the Board and by the Exco of RPMI. I would certainly work with Chris again in the future.

Phil Willcock, CEO RPMI Railpen

Chris quickly demonstrated his value through research and synthesis across a broad and initially ill-defined opportunity, helping us to get a handle on the practical options we face.

Matthew Wynde, Chief Operating Office at Waymark Tech

His work is exceptionally thorough whilst being very broad and thought challenging in its reach. I could not recommend Chris more highly for strategic and other business problem solving assignments

David Cooper, Group Marketing and Distribution Director at Just plc

A level headed, pragmatic but strategic approach ... his ability to influence and work with people from all levels and disciplines has been a major factor in his successful contribution. I have no doubt that we will be seeking out Chris's services again in the future.

Isobel Langton, CEO Intermediary Division at Royal London

Chris was perfect for us. His temperament and approach stand him high amongst his peers. Chris was the engine for us as we revamped our product strategy. It was a tight timeline and without Chris’s help, drive and smarts we wouldn’t have gotten it over the line.

Of all Chris’s strengths, the one that really stands out for me is his temperament. He’s easy to build a relationship with, engages with people effectively and I found a like-minded spirit from the first time I met him. Chris isn’t the brash consultant who tells you what to do (or that you are doing it wrong); He exhibits high emotional intelligence, takes care to listen & understand his audience then responds in a measured way that helps you on the journey.

Working with Chris was a great pleasure and I look forward to a chance to work with him again.

Ben Legg, Chief Product Officer at Open GI

All quotes are extracts from a small sample of endorsements published on LinkedIn.


  • The day-to-day challenges of running your business often mean you don't have enough time to consider the strategic challenges and opportunities you really want to get after.
  • You need to get ahead of these before your board/boss starts asking you questions you're not yet able to answer and/or your business starts to suffer.
  • Your own team may lack the capacity, capability or objectivity to give you the support you need. They're set up to run your business as it is currently, rather than as you might need it to be in the future.
  • If you ask your HR guy, you'll get a people-oriented solution. If you ask your finance guy you'll get a financially-oriented solution. If you ask your marketing guy, you'll get a marketing-oriented solution, etc. But if you ask an independent strategy consultant, you'll get the right solution to your actual problem. You will also get an indication of where you need to engage more specialist skills.
  • Larger management consulting firms can help. But they are often expensive. They have their own agendas. And a lot of the post-sales work done by less experienced junior staff.
  • An executive coach will help you to be more focused and effective, but won't actually do any of the heavy lifting for you.

As an independent strategy consultant, Chris is an experienced practitioner who can provide you with the additional bandwidth you need to pursue your strategic priorities. Chris does the work himself. With no agenda of his own, Chris will support you in making better strategic decisions and shaping your organisation to execute them more effectively. When the job is done, Chris goes. (Although we're confident you'll want him back next time you have a strategic challenge or opportunity.)

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