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Helping organisations develop and execute evidence-based future-oriented business strategies for growth and success.


Former Head of Group Strategy and Branding at a FTSE100 multinational before setting up as an independent consultant.

Business, marketing, product, go-to-market and AI strategy, and Target Operating Model development, for growth and transformation.

Experience, skill, objective and capacity. Not delegated to juniors.

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Strategies not based on evidence are just wishful thinking. Evidence-based strategies are more likely to succeed and more likely to win support.


The future will be different from the past. What worked in the past probably won't be good enough in the future.


  • You know you need to do something about your business strategy. The world is changing. Your business isn't performing as well as it used to. Your competitors are stealing your market or are about to disrupt you. Or your boss, board, investors or even your bank are demanding a new business strategy.
  • But you don't have the time to figure it all out yourself. You've got a business to run! And you're running out of ideas.
  • Your team are also busy. They may have the skills and knowledge they need to do their existing jobs. But they probably lack the specific skills, experience and objectivity to give you the support you need on strategy. They're set up to run your business as it is now, rather than as you might need it to be in the future.


I provide the skills, experience and objectivity you need to develop and execute evidence-based future-oriented business strategies. Schedule a free consultation to find out how I could help you.


All testimonials are extracts from a small sample of endorsements published on LinkedIn.


I work with leadership teams to develop and execute evidence-based future-oriented business strategies for growth and success.


I can help you to:

  • Analyse your strategic environment, competitive future, and relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop and evaluate options.
  • Formulate your strategy.
  • Articulate your strategy.
  • Review your strategy.
  • Execute your strategy.
  • Design your Target Operating Model (TOM).
  • Design and implement your strategic planning process.
  • Manage part of your business on an interim basis. Especially if it's undergoing significant strategic change.
  • Facilitate your strategy offsite.
  • Coach your strategy team.


I have particular expertise in:

  • Financial services: life insurance, pensions, banking and asset management
  • Programme management and direction
  • Startups, new market entry, growth, turnarounds, target operating model development and mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate, business and marketing strategy
  • Intermediated (B2B2C) and direct (D2C) distribution
  • AI and Data Strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Product strategy and product management
  • Working across disciplines and silos to connect the dots and build holistic solutions

Strategy Development and Execution

Picture of Strategy Development and Execution

For growth, turnaround or in response to specific environmental changes.

Target Operating Model (TOM) Development

Picture of Target Operating Model

Pursuant to strategy execution, for operational effectiveness, or for cost control.

Digital Transformation

Picture of digital spiral

For startups or mature business, D2C, B2B2C or B2B.

AI and Data Strategy

Picture of AI Strategy

AI will have an even more profound impact on businesses and their strategies than digital has.

All underpinned by: excellent stakeholder management, commercial acumen, and client focus.


The Advantage is the online collaborative tool for business strategy development and execution. It was purpose-built by Chris C Fox Consulting. delivers business strategy development and execution best practice in box.

I use to develop and execute business strategies:

  • of a higher quality,
  • more quickly, and
  • more consistently.

Clients can engage with, if they wish,

  • to work more closely with me,
  • to improve their own internal capability,
  • and to continue evolving and executing their strategy so that they are less reliant on me on an ongoing basis.

Training is also available.

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Picture of Matthew Hall

RPMI continues to use StratNavapp - an application ... that helps organisations develop and execute strategy on a collaborative basis. This software makes my life infinitely easier, as it enables RPMI to analyse the key internal and external trends and develop these insights into actionable strategies on an ongoing basis.

Matthew Hall, Director of Strategy at RPMI Railpen


I believe organisations best achieve their potential by charting their own path through their competitive environment. Bland, me-too strategies achieve mediocre results. Successfully differentiated strategies are the result of the systemic analysis of each organisation's unique strengths and weaknesses, and of the changes and trends which present it with both challenges and opportunities.

I have over 33 years of experience, mainly in the financial services sector. I have worked with a wide variety of leadership teams from FTSE100 boards to small startup teams. I have worked on a wide range of strategic initiatives from multi-national hostile takeovers, to regulatory responses and to organic growth strategies such as turnarounds, new product and new business launches.

I work around London, but also enjoy travelling for interesting challenges.


I do my best work when confronted with complex, changing, ambiguous problems and conflicting priorities. I combine structured analysis and problem-solving with strong stakeholder engagement to develop creative strategies that teams really get behind. I am comfortable working across multiple disciplines (Actuarial, Finance, HR, Risk and Compliance, IT, Sales and Marketing, etc.). This often enables me to see more holistic strategies that the existing functional experts with an organisation miss. As an independent outsider, I bring an objective view to my clients. I am unencumbered by the legacy issues, internal politics and day-to-day challenges which often prevent leadership teams from focusing on their strategic priorities.

I am driven by curiosity and a passion for progress. I value rigour in analysis, discipline in execution, and mutual respect and integrity in relationships. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get stuck into the detail. Equally, I am not afraid to ask challenging questions and have difficult conversations. I follow a collaborative approach - the answer more often lies between the knowledge of many people that it does within the knowledge of one person.

Most importantly, I enjoy what I do. And I believe that this evident enjoyment makes it easier for others to see possibilities and embrace change.

Picture of Chris Fox

Chris C Fox Consulting Limited is registered in England and Wales as a Private Limited Company: Company Number 6939359. Registered Office: Optionis House, 840 Ibis Court Centre Park Warrington Cheshire WA1 1RL

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